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The Beach

Hotel Florida boasts a beautiful beach with fine golden sand right in the heart of the Cerrano Marine Park. The beach is provided with all the equipment (in collaboration with the beach resort for bar, showers, and locker rooms) and a play area for children. And it’s just 10 metres away from the hotel! Moreover, you can have fun playing beach volley, five-a-side football, and bowls. You can also take Zumba and aqua gym classes from qualified instructors, take part in mini tournaments, and play games by the sea.

The wonderful beach of Hotel Florida in the heart of the Marine Park

Beach umbrellas, sunbeds, and a Hawaiian palm tree for large families are available for our guests. Children aged 3+ can have fun in the hotel’s play area at the beach. Our cheerful staff will entertain them in the mornings and afternoons with workshops, creative games, mini-tournaments, dancing, face painting, and games by the sea.

Silvi Marina Bandiera Blu

 The Protected Marine Area - Torre del Cerrano

The Torre del Cerrano Protected Marine Area was established by a Decree of the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea dated 21-10-2009, published in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic No. 80 of 07-04-2010.
It extends up to 3 nautical miles offshore and stretches for 7 km, 2.5 km of which are sandy dunes along the shore, from the mouth of the Calvano creek, which crosses the town of Pineto, to the centre of Silvi, at the railway station. The Protected Marine Area covers a surface of 37 and includes a small zone B of approximately one km in front of Torre Cerrano, a zone C of 14, which extends along the entire sea front to about 2 km from the coast, and a large zone D of approximately 22 sq. km near the limit of three miles.
The body of water of the Torre del Cerrano Protected Marine Area features two closely related environmental settings. On the one hand, the typical sandy seabed of the Adriatic, which characterises the largest portion of the area. On the other, hard substrates formed by the half-submerged rocks of the ancient port of Atri, the submerged structures of the provincial marine nature reserve, and conglomeratic outcrops.
The area also features a large number of pelagic and benthic marine animals and a small yet significant contingent of plant species. In addition to the beautiful specimens of rare Adriatic gastropods, such as the Trivia Adriatica, and the large bioconstructions of  Sabellaria halcocki. In the underwater environment of the protected area, you can spot many species of fish and molluscs, including congers, basses, soles, and white breams, which live in contact with the sandy seabed characterised by large clam beds (Chamelea gallina).

 The Dunes

The sand dunes that run parallel to the shoreline are formed beyond the area that undergoes tidal changes by deposits of sand transported by the wind.
These sites are of great interest as they are an area of transition between two very different environments: the sea and the mainland. Heavy storms, high salinity of both the substrate and air, strong winds, high solar radiation, and lack of organic substance in the terrain allow only particular species to grow.
On the dunes of the Protected Marine Area, you can observe many interesting species of insects, such as the Scarabeus semipunctatus and the rare Lamprinodes pictus. You can also spot the presence of unusual bird species. This is the nesting site of the Kentish Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus), rare migratory birds that populate the beach from April to late September, and then return in spring to lay their eggs.
The Protected Marine Area is characterised by the typical low-lying and sandy coastal environment of the Adriatic. It features psammophile plants and wonderful specimens of Sea Daffodil (Pancratium maritimum), Mullein (Verbascum niveum subsp. garganicum), Sea Bindweed (Calystegia soldanella) and Purple Spurge (Euphorbia peplis).
In the southern area, near the Stone Pine (Pinus pinea) and Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis) forests, there is also a vast expanse of the extremely rare Sand Crocus (Romulea rollii).

 The ancient port of Hadria

In front of the Torre, immersed in the waters, is what several researchers believe to be the ancient Roman city of Hadria.
The existence in Cerrano of the port of Atri since the Middle Ages was mentioned for the first time by Sorricchio in “Il Comune atriano del XIII e XIV secolo” Atri 1983, doc. XIII, pages 233-234). The author speculated that the culmination of the port in that area was around the 7th century B.C. Even the Augustan geographer Strabo mentioned the existence, during the Roman age, of a port connected to Atri near the mouth of river Matrinus (some believe that this could be the ancient name of the Cerrano creek).



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